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Graham Barron

Profile: Graham Barron

Graham Barron grew up in Vancouver, where he now resides, and has lived in Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, New York and London.

Graham graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Britsh Columbia in 2007 with a Master of Architecture degree. He is in the Intern Architect program at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.

He started Graham Barron Design Inc in the Fall of 2008. The firm's focus is currently on designing contemporary west coast houses. The firm's philosophy is that buildings are best when they enhance the health and pleasure of the body by adapting sustainably to the local environment.

Graham has worked as an intern architect at Iconstrux Architecture, Blackwell Architecture, and Walter Francl Architecture.

From 1996-2004, Graham worked in internet development, a career trajectory that included starting his own website design shop in New York and culminated with a stint at, the website of The Economist newspaper.

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